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We are a mission-based PR practice that defends climate action, environmental protection, humanitarian causes, and other issues in the public interest.

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Our values are
Integrity, Transparency, and Accessibility.


We deliver results on behalf of those seeking to shine a light on today’s most pressing concerns that affect us all, working with members of the press, public officials, community organizers, authors and experts, and more.


We are as dedicated to communicating as effectively and transparently with our clients as we are with key stakeholders such as advocacy partners and members of the press. We are guided by a consensus-based model that combines partnership with collaboration.


Our approach to working with clients is immersive and reliable. We prioritize accessibility, endorsing a solemn commitment to integrate our team within the existing frameworks of our partner organizations.

We are dedicated to acting on climate.

We work with organizations at the vanguard of the fight to draw down greenhouse gas emissions before it’s too late.

Learn how our team can complement your team.

The Caplan model seamlessly blends in with your existing team so that we lift up, enhance, and support how you communicate.

Complete strategic communications services

Our team specializes in community organizing, message training and development, earned media solutions, web strategy and design, and much more.

  • Our seasoned advocacy team supports on-the-ground grassroots organizing campaigns.

  • The Caplan team of veteran media trainers will establish a holistic and constructive environment for evaluating your spokesperson’s strengths and unique needs and how we can enhance their message delivery and reach desired audiences.

  • We counsel many of the biggest nonprofit organizations in the nation and others whose work is just as vital to safeguarding the public interest. Our door is open to any and all who are engaged in that work, and we tailor clients’ campaigns accordingly.

A trusted agency and leader among nonprofits

Brown University’s 2021 research into PR’s influence on climate politics found “the Environmental Movement’s engagement pattern with PR firms is dominated by Caplan Communications.”

Collaboration is our priority.

We’re here to back you up.

Proactive News Coverage and Crisis Communications to Engage Your Audiences

For more than two decades, our team has implemented a novel brand of public relations, aligning our policy advocacy track record and sensibilities with a passion for public service. That covenant informs the methodology by which we work with media and their audiences to champion today’s voices and matters of consequence. Our influence is palpable, whether you want to reach grass-tops stakeholders, local activists, public officials, scientists, NGO leaders, authors, or other thought leaders.

Roy Eidelson, author of Doing Harm, on Democracy Now! to discuss the American Psychological Association’s complicity in post-9/11 torture programs and the struggle to reform the field of psychology.

Case studies

Explore case studies showcasing examples of our impact.

These real-world examples tell the story of our work.

  • The Union of Concerned Scientists
  • E2
  • American Rivers
  • Equality Matters

Stronger together.

We use a partnership-based model to collaborate effectively with your team.

Our team proudly advocates on behalf of the most vulnerable among us and declines to work for causes that do not meet our standards. Our PR practice endorses a solemn commitment to restoring the planet and improving people’s lives.

What clients say

Discover the influence we deliver through the words of clients.

“For more than a decade, Caplan Communications has helped E2 and our national network of business leaders make the economic case for climate action on the radio, on television and in print. Caplan is a wizard of the airwaves, helping us to hone our messages, train our messengers and reach the right markets across America in ways that no other firm can do.”

Bob Keefe, Executive Director, E2 | Environmental Entrepreneurs

“Strategic, connected, responsive, persistent. Those are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Caplan Communications. Aric and the team are true partners. They are always at the top of their game, embracing our issues and driving winning strategies. That’s why we continue to work together year after year. Caplan provides a powerful megaphone spotlighting threats and opportunities facing rivers, clean water, and communities. Their partnership is a key part of our effort to drive positive change.”

Amy Souers Kober, Vice President for Communications, American Rivers

“Caplan Communications is a trusted partner for the National Wildlife Federation. Aric and his team have provided essential support for our work at the intersection of conservation, public policy, and communications. They’re true pros who always go above and beyond to make us look and sound great.”

Mike Saccone, Associate Vice President of Communications, National Wildlife Federation

“Without Caplan Communications, the EPA as we know it, may not even exist today. AFGE Council 238 hired Caplan Communications in April of 2017 to assist the Council in rapid response with its Save the U.S. EPA Campaign, and initially for three months. However, AFGE Council 238 quickly realized that Caplan was doing phenomenal work supporting our Campaign, subsequently added social media aspects, and extended the contract. Caplan Communications was vital to encouraging former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to leave his position and has fought strenuously for a stronger and better-funded EPA.”

John O’Grady, President AFGE National Council of EPA Locals #238

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