Climate change is no longer just an environmental issue
We face more frequent and severe weather, extreme heat, droughts, wildfires and flooding that cause profound economic damage.
The Role of Public Relations Firms in Climate Change Politics
Brown University issued a first-of-its-kind peer-reviewed investigation into the public relations industry’s influence on climate politics.
American Rivers' most endangered rivers are not the nation's "worst" or highly polluted.
Three criteria earn a waterway the “Most Endangered Rivers” classification: 1) magnitude of the threat, 2) significance of the river to people and nature, and 3) whether a critical outcome is achievable in the coming year.
What difference would the ERA make?
In 2019, another legal and social crossroads looms for the United States where gender discrimination endures unabated. To date, 37 states have ratified the ERA. In 2019, the historic 38th was expected to involve either Virginia or Arizona’s State legislatures to no avail. How will gender equality fare in Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina and elsewhere?
Save the U.S. EPA Campaign
In rapid-response, Caplan’s strategy defended the jobs of 9,000 government scientists, engineers, lawyers and others from a hostile, anti-science White House. Forced retirements and a hiring freeze had a cooling effect on the federal workforce responsible for protecting public health and the environment.
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