Media Mastery

Expert training for experts.

Our seasoned team of veteran media trainers establish a holistic and conducive environment that evaluates an organization or an individual’s distinct needs to ensure message continuity so spokespeople can enhance their message delivery and reach key audiences at all corporate levels.

  • The art of the message pyramid

  • Timing for broadcast interviews

  • Mastering the message bridge

  • Developing the confidence to “own it”

  • Interviews are not conversations

  • How to think like a journalist

We’ll take the time to understand what you are trying to accomplish so we can better help you grow as a communicator.

Our media training methodology is based on partnership principles of consensus-based decision making and collaboration. We’ll debrief with you in order to develop our own mastery of the issues you want to talk about so that we can then implement interview and messaging strategies for any venue, whether that is an interview on television, radio, or with a print reporter.

Our staff possesses deep policy-advocacy competencies, strengthening communications for messaging today’s foremost NGO executives, their staffs and timely agendas.

Caplan is comprised of former broadcasters, print journalists, and academics who are proficient at improving preparedness and honing spokespeople’s speaking and listening talents. From the outset, our regimen involves performing the necessary guidance to mainstream, inspiring confidence and improve performance. We ascertain clients’ brand guidelines to manage expectations, tackle short-term goals, and reinforce agile message delivery.

Our “basics-plus” media training curriculum equips today’s pragmatic communicators to combine topline framing with support messaging to acknowledge key audiences, adapt to common scenarios and apply language appropriate to engage with desired stakeholders and media audiences.

Largely, our trainings effectively prepare spokespersons to become more discerning, skilled presenters. Caplan’s course starts with a pre-assessment component to provide an awareness of exactly where to begin. This includes a self-assessment, baseline media primer, and individual communications experiences, which is followed by evaluating an individual’s skills. Our personalized approach recharges even the most practiced participants for the most favorable public speaking encounters. As an added benefit, our team is also experienced at developing vocal projection and diction enhancements.

We also grasp that clients frequently must simplify complex policy advocacy, legislative or regulatory solutions. Our media training, presentation and other refinements help to maximize their influence during interviews. Our direction applies the fundamentals of using both “message bridges” and “transition pivots” to maintain that media focus on key issues and convey crucial points toward desired audiences.

This media training methodology is deductive and focused. A spokesperson’s results often reveal themselves during interviews or soon afterwards. We will begin by introducing broad concepts about communications and an improved awareness of the media. Then we will move towards specific applications, emphasizing message design and media-matching content to transform target audiences into stakeholders.

We also design proprietary, instructional materials and conduct roleplaying, using inspired techniques that require “conscious message design.” Our individualized approach leverages the characteristics of distinct media forums to encourage deftly thinking on ones’ feet while becoming proactive, reactive, and speaking “in the moment.”

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