Publicity solutions for books

For over 20 years, we have implemented book tours featuring a full suite of publicity solutions, using radio, television and podcast interviews, local city tours, a galley or an ARC review campaigns, and national media outreach.

We’ve cultivated a unique grasp of how to position authors and their books in public forums even as traditional book publishing models and the media landscape for book publicity has changed.

Book publishers big and small are familiar with the Caplan brand after years of pioneering work on such PR solutions as radio and television Zoom tours. We have mastered these strategies and ensure strong results.

Caplan Communications has long offered a specialty practice for publishers and individual authors to develop literary campaigns for their books. We helped to pioneer radio tours that connect authors to leading news radio shows and NPR affiliates across the country, whether from a studio or the comfort of their own home. Similarly, we offer nationwide television tours via Zoom and local city author tours along with the media training authors need to perform at their best. We cooperate with an existing team working to launch a book or deliver solutions from the go, e.g., writing press releases, advising on author websites, digital publicity, and scheduling interviews on local and national programs.

Here are just some examples of the services we offer to authors and their publishers.

  • Radio tours

  • Television tours via streaming

  • Local city tours

  • Galley or ARC copy mailings and follow-up for reviews

  • Author media training

We love books.

Let’s get yours out there.

Our author tours get results.

For more than two decades, our team has implemented an effective system, positioning authors on major outlets to speak to the key issues raised in their books. Whether you are a public policy expert, thought leader, policy analyst, or historian, we have the network and the strategy to carry out an effective campaign to launch and promote your work to its desired audiences.

Roy Eidelson, author of Doing Harm, on Democracy Now! to discuss the American Psychological Association’s complicity in post-9/11 torture programs and the struggle to reform the field of psychology.

Other services we offer


Our public interest practice emphasizes environmental protection and sustainability, climate change, public health, human rights, labor rights, and social justice.

Media Strategies and Campaigns

We counsel nonprofit organizations big and small on some of the most pressing issues of the day.

Media Training

Our team of veteran media trainers can help you prepare for any engagement.