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Promoting Social and Environmental Causes

Caplan Communications specializes in advocacy campaigns, messaging, and spokesperson preparation. Our public interest practice emphasizes sustainability and environmental protection, climate change, public health, human rights, labor rights, and social justice. We support clients whose work lies at the vanguard of the most pressing social and cultural issues of the day.

For over two decades, our team has implemented a novel brand of public relations that aligns journalistic experience and sensibilities with a passion for public service. That covenant informs the methodology by which we work with media and their audiences to champion the voices and matters of consequence. It is also the basis that drives our agency’s purpose and reputation.

We have worked on campaigns that stand at the vanguard of the most pressing issues facing our country and the world today, such as taking action on the climate crisis, protecting frontline communities from environmental harm,  fighting for the freedom to marry, supporting our veterans, responding to major disasters such as the BP / Deepwater Horizon spill or the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, and much more.

We are one of the few communications agencies that specializes in these and similar advocacy campaigns, with a strong concentration in climate and environmental protection. We immerse ourselves in movements to create lasting change. Common cause shapes our philosophy, messages, and results. Proactively, we inspire audiences to win battles using an uncommon degree of tenacity and creativity.  Our team thinks big and believes in the causes in which we fight.

  • Caplan Communications’ team of campaign operatives and talented advisors are proficient in campaign activism, legislation, and regulatory disciplines.

  • Our team grasps that all people and communities have the right to equal environmental protection under the law, community participation and healthy living environments.

  • We know the media and engage desired audiences. So, we organize stakeholders from the environmental and labor movements, among veterans and faith communities – including environmental justice, human health, civil rights, diversity, and justice.

  • The key is finding common cause among stakeholders and building coalitions to advocate policies to expand opportunity, inclusion, and jobs for the clean energy economy.

  • We know that successful movements educate people and communities about complex, nuanced policy issues. That’s where we thrive, persuading leaders to cooperate. We turn desired audiences into stakeholders and allies.

We’re here to back you up.

Our ethos is Integrity, Transparency, and Accessibility. Caplan’s commitment delivers results on behalf of those seeking to shine a light on the most pressing concerns that affect us all, from acting on climate and making a just transition to renewable energy to protecting frontline communities and ensuring the rights for all to enjoy clean air, water, and land. Our PR practice endorses a firm commitment to restoring the planet and improving people’s lives. We proudly advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable among us and decline to work for causes that do not meet our values.

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Author and Literary Publicity

Caplan Communications has long offered a specialty practice for publishers and individual authors to develop literary campaigns for their books.

Media Strategies and Campaigns

We counsel nonprofit organizations big and small on some of the most pressing issues of the day.

Media Training

Learn about how our veteran media trainers establish a holistic and conducive environment for interviews on television, radio, and in print.