What Clients Say

Miles Grant
Director of Communications, National Advocacy Center, National Wildlife Federation

Caplan Communications has never failed to meet NWF’s expectations and often exceeds them. Aric and his staff are friendly, hard-working and incredibly responsive. They’re focused on meeting deliverables, but not afraid to suggest new or creative paths to help reach our goals. I’d recommend Caplan for any campaign, big or small.


John O’Grady
President AFGE National Council of EPA Locals #238

The AFGE National Council of EPA Locals #238 (AFGE Council 238) hired Caplan Communications in April of 2017 to assist the Council in rapid-response with its Save the U.S. EPA Campaign, and initially for three months. But AFGE Council 238 quickly realized that Caplan was doing phenomenal work supporting our Campaign, subsequently added social media aspects, and has extended the contract. We, in fact, hope to continue our relationship for the definitive future, given the positions that the Trump Administration and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt have taken, which may ultimately end the U.S. EPA as we know it.

Jared Saylor
VP of Communications, Defenders of Wildlife

Strategic media outreach is a critical part of influencing decision makers on important environmental issues. Our work with Caplan Communications relies upon a strong, collaborative effort to maximize our impact in key markets. Aric and his team are integral to successfully strengthening environmental and public health protections. We rely on their advice and input and value the tremendous assets they bring to help tell our stories and promote our cause.

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Bobby Kennedy Jr.
Senior Counsel, Natural Resources Defense Council

Through well-coordinated satellite television and radio tours, Caplan Communications has helped me to deliver my message about protecting America’s environment to millions of people. I’m glad the Caplan team is helping to fight the good fight.