Radio Tours

Our radio tour practice offers targeted national and local radio coverage for any campaign.  Year round, we network with radio show producers and news directors at public and commercial radio stations in all 50 states, evaluating their interests and the format of their programs. Our radio tours are designed to connect them to today’s leading experts on issues of local and national importance.

We work closely with client organizations to evaluate the news they are trying to break about issues in the public interest. At the same time, we understand that local radio stations have a mandate to find the local angle to a story. We develop a newsroom environment with our clients, vetting the story and its connection to local constituents. All of our radio campaigns are designed to stimulate public debate about the issues of greatest importance to local communities today.

The following is a small sampling of the many radio tour campaigns we’ve directed over our 10 years in practice.

Case Studies

Collin O’Mara on Chip Franklin KGO 810

National Wildlife Federation President Collin O’Mara talks about how California’s intense wildfires tie to the changing climate.




Collin O’Mara on Scott Sloan WLW-AM

National Wildlife Federation President Collin O’Mara talks about how California’s intense wildfires tie to the changing climate.





A New NRDC Report on Curbing Carbon Pollution from Power Plants

NRDCAn analysis by Natural Resources Defense Council’s report, “Less Carbon, More Jobs, Lower Bills: Protecting Future Generations from Climate Change, Starting with Power Plants” said that curbing carbon pollution from power plants through the Clean Air Act would create 200,000-plus new jobs, lower average residential electricity bills, and have essentially no overall impact on GDP.




Earthjustice Reports Coal Plants Are The Largest Source of Toxic Water Pollution

EarthjusticeA new report, “Closing the Floodgates: How the Coal Industry Is Poisoning Our Water and How We Can Stop It,” found that in the absence of any effective pollution limits, coal plants have become the largest source of toxic water pollution in the country. Of the 274 coal plants that discharge coal ash and scrubber wastewater, 188 have no limits on the toxics most commonly found including arsenic, boron, cadmium, lead, mercury, and selenium that are routinely dumped into rivers, lakes, streams and bays.

The North Carolina Conservation Network and the NRDC Fight to Protect Clean Water, Clean Air Policies

NorthIn 2013, North Carolina’s environment has been under legislative assault as the North Carolina Conservation Network and Natural Resources Defense Council fought to stop the NC State Legislature from repealing clean water, clean air and clean energy policies that would drive the state’s economy by creating jobs and protecting public health. The governor and his cronies in the General Assembly threatened to jeopardize public safety and further exploit NC’s natural resources.



Defenders of Wildlife Finds the Rare Dunes Sagebrush Lizard Is In Danger

logo_defWildernessA report titled “Habitat Disturbances Under the Texas Habitat Conservation Plan for the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard” details why the Texas Comptroller’s Office finds itself at the center of a scandal caused by inadequate so-called conservation plans since the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service relied heavily on it and their decision to not protect the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard from extinction under the Endangered Species Act.
We invite you to sample interviews our team has coordinated for recent campaigns

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