Our Values

At a time when the media landscape is dramatically changing and the process for engaging the people and the press keeps changing with it, we recognize that a communications agency must continually evolve. We regularly network with the media, review our strategy according to shifting industry standards, and cultivate new tools and capabilities that will help us support client goals and evaluate our work on their behalf. We also make it a regular practice to engage organizations in ongoing dialogue about legislative priorities that matter to today’s progressive leaders.

We believe that the strength of any campaign depends on the strength of the team that leads it. Our clients find that the way we communicate internally with them reflects the professionalism, efficacy and precision with which we communicate on their behalf. That’s why the Caplan group specializes in a collaborative and transparent process for all our clients. We immediately work to establish ourselves as team players with client organizations, partnering with staff, enhancing existing capabilities and implementing others where necessary while supporting executive leadership. We treat every initiative, whether it is a human rights campaign, media training series or book launch, as one of our own. Our clients enjoy a process by which every aspect of the campaign is developed collaboratively in the spirit of maximizing our mutual chance for success.

We invite any organization or publisher interested to learn more about our approach to contact us for a free consultation at Journalists interested in booking experts from the organizations we represent can e-mail us at


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