Media Training

TO CHANGE PUBLIC POLICY and effect social change, whether by pressuring policy stakeholders or speaking directly to the public, requires more than just passion, determination and human resources. It requires more than just the facts, and your belief that those facts point to a truth that should be clearly evident to all. It is not enough to only be a champion of human rights and environmental advocacy. When it comes to effecting change, you have to be passionate, and precise, about how you communicate your message to the public and the press.

We face an enormous challenge in our mission to help “the movable middle” listen through the noise to the issues that matter to our world today: climate change, human rights abuses, poverty, war, labor rights, protecting our children, LGBT equality for all. Campaigning for the public interest requires an advanced and strategic communications method that articulates complex issues in a way anyone can understand.

Our expert media trainers have nearly two decades of experience in equipping advocates with the communications tools they need to effect change. We employ a variety of traditional and customized solutions that incorporate the latest methodologies in interview strategy, message development, public speaking and community organizing, including:

  • Message Pyramid techniques
  • The art of the sound bite
  • Steering strategy
  • Transition and messaging bridges
  • Barriers to avoid during an interview
  • The local angle to a national story

Working with the Media
Successfully promoting your message requires you to think like the reporter/host interviewing you.  Less successful guests are focused on: “What is it I want from this interview?”  More successful guests are focused on: “What is it that this reporter/host wants from me?” The more you are able to blend your messaging goals with a successful performance that gives this reporter/host what she/he needs, the better it will be for your organization, and the more likely it is that you’ll be invited back.


Understanding Today’s Newsroom
Successfully campaigning in the public interest requires a complete understanding of today’s newsroom, and how radically it has changed in the last decade.  Media consolidation and the technology revolution have permanently changed the way the newsroom engages in its work and altered the media landscape, making it more focused on local news, while leaving national and international coverage to a smaller handful of syndicating newswires and organizations. It is also less often the case that individual reporters will be covering a single beat, such as the environment, or staffing bureaus outside their circulation/coverage areas.

While we proactively zero in on the right producers and journalists whose beats or interests are commensurate with the issues on behalf of which you are speaking, we’ll work together to prepare you with the information you need to know about each journalist and his/her newsroom. Our goal will be not only to connect you with the most appropriate journalist, and vice versa, but to guarantee that you are as informed as possible about what you want to say, and the person to whom you are speaking.


The Local Angle to a National Story
For local or statewide campaigns dealing with national or international issues, whether they involve road tours, radio or television satellite tours, or rallies and staged events, we will work together to develop a local angle to a national / international story. Our sessions will include extensive message platform development work to process the issues at stake to the public interest in a way that will connect it to the public interest at the local level.

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