Environment America

“People want less pollution and more clean energy. This new rule will give it to them.”

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGG) improves health, saves Lives and generates $5.7 Billion in benefits.

Since 2009, RGGI limits dangerous power plant pollution. It also fuels investment in clean energy by making polluters pay to pollute.

RGGI requires power plants with 25 megawatts of capacity or more in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont to purchase one allowance for each short ton of carbon dioxide they emit. New Jersey is expected to rejoin RGGI, and Virginia is likely to become a member.

Caplan placed dozens of local news interviews on the landmark health benefit findings due to RGGI. We also prepared public health experts to report the number of lives saved and fewer asthma attacks. Our team also helped their coalition partners to correlate fighting climate change with cutting CO2 pollution.