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Tracy Sabetta, Moms Clean Air Force, on WAKR-AM

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Ohio mom Tracy Sabetta of Moms Clean Air Force discusses the importance of EPA enacting safer smog regulations for her state.

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Tyson Cook on WUMW: New Report Raises Concern about Quality of Southeastern Wisconsin’s Drinking Water

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From WUMW: Clean Wisconsin is the state’s largest and oldest environmental organization. Today it releases “Don’t Drink the Water”. The reports explores the correlation of coal ash and water contamination.  ...

NRDC President Frances Beinecke on “The Leonard Lopate Show”

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Frances Beinecke tells tales from the front lines of the modern environmental movement, leading the charge for clean air, fresh water, healthy wildlife, and fertile lands. Her new book The World We Create: A Message of Hope for a Planet in Peril  is about...

Dick Steffes on WUMW FM Milwaukee Public Radio

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WUWM FM Milwaukee Public Radio’s Susan Bence interviewed Dick Steffes, 39-years veteran of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The Land and Water Conservation Fund, according to Dick Steffes is “probably the most important land protection...

Bob Keefe of E2 on WMNF

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Bob Keefe, executive director of Environmental Entrepreneurs told Tampa, FL’s WMNF that small businesses support climate action across Florida. “We don’t have to sacrifice our economy for the environment, and vice versa.”...

Waterkeeper Alliance Takes Action Against Industrial Meat

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Waterkeeper Alliance is taking decisive action against industrial meat facilities in North Carolina that illegally violate the Clean Water Act by dumping animal waste into local waterways. Agribusiness seems intent on wiping out the independence of...

Goose Island Calls for Support of Clean Water on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

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Goose Island Beer Company, headquartered in Chicago, is calling for public support of a new rule that will protect tributaries and headwater streams in Illinois and across the country. As all beers contain approximately 90% water, local water supply quality...

Marine Corporal Jose Armenta on NPR’s “Fresh Air with Terry Gross”

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Marine Corporal Jose Armenta described to NPR’s Terry Gross his job patrolling ahead of his platoon searching for roadside IEDs planted by the Taliban in Afghanistan with his dog, Zenit, (pronounced ZEE-nit), a 78-pound German shepherd trained for...